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3-day Women’s Art Retreat

Nurturing the Creative Spirit

June 22 - 25

Looking for a new way to meet today’s challenges for work, for relationship or for play? Set in the unspoiled beauty of coastal waters, this weekend offers hands-on art experiences in clay, painting and mask making. The ensuing tools gained from these explorations will support new options, befriend old fears and renew vital energies. No previous art background is necessary. Come play!

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You can always contact me by email or by calling 201-675-0256.






Painting Your Way Out of a Corner:
The Art of Getting Unstuck
is available at your local book store and online.

Here's a video on how Painting Your Way out of a Corner works.


TUTORING withskype-logo

Painting Journal tutoring sessions avaliable via Skype.

To get started email me or call 201-675-0256.

$42 hour session