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Dear Visitors to Art for Self-Discovery

This summer I am currently teaching individuals and groups by request only. This can be done at your site if you are in the metro area or in my Long Island, Huntington Studio. In the fall I will be relocating to the south coast of Massachusetts, a place I have been in love with for many years. Now the time is right. I will continue my workshops in New York City but seasonally and on weekends. Please check back to see my new schedule. Thank you for stopping by!


You can contact me by email or by calling 201-675-0256.






I'm excited to hear from my readers across the country via email, phone and Facebook! Many have requested guidance as they begin to put brush to paint and make their first marks.

To that end I'm offering tutoring sessions via Skype.

To get started email me or call 201-675-0256.

$42/1.25 hour session




Painting Your Way Out of a Corner:
The Art of Getting Unstuck
is available at your local book store and online.

Here's a video on how Painting Your Way out of a Corner works.